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Desperate Housewives seasons 1-8 promotional photos

Someone’s new hand’s sporting bloody knuckles (x)

Someone’s new hand’s sporting bloody knuckles (x)


Part 2/4 HOOK’s NEW OUTFIT :)

They’re really zoomed in and I cropped them so you only need to focus but base on what we all can see.. he still has rings, he has a skull necklace, and it looks like he still wears a vest :) (middle two photos are him with the jacket off ! ) 

Aug 20 2014- taken with a digital camera and is mostly zoomed in so I’m sorry if poor quality. If you choose to use/edit/save these photos please credit me :) ** Click to enlarge — if you want to edit photos without my link message me and I’ll send them to you .

Part 1 

Every Captain Swan shipper at this very moment